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Andy Wolf Eyewear Volta sunglasses model
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The Best Sunglasses of 2020

Looking for new fashion trends? Certainly make sure to include the best sunglasses. Because fashion isn’t just apparel. Eyewear trends keep moving, too. Materials change, and designs as well. Surely, there are some eyewear staples. For instance, classics that never change. But every year, designers create new trends. And premium brands compete for striking designs. Unfortunately, many big mainstream brands copy them. Because they imitate. And so they fail to innovate. Therefore, here is our advice for you. Namely, the best sunglasses 2020. But wait a second. Only you know your personal style. So let us help you. Simply use our style assistant feature. Find it on our FAVR Premium Eyewear Finder. This tool helps find frames that match your style. Ultimately, it helps you pick the right one. What’s more, you can even try them on online. To enjoy this, use our Virtual Try-On. Luckily, we’ve got it for every piece of eyewear.


Our sunglasses selection for 2020

We have curated a portfolio of frames for you: The best sunglasses for 2020. Sure enough, we picked them all from FAVR. You can use our website to find your personal favorites. Because we care about eyewear, we only feature the best. Most noteworthy, all brands are true independent ones. To get started, search our website for all eyewear from all brands. And check out our selection right underneath. It’s not a definite list. But our hand-picked best eyewear 2020. Let’s go.

Best of Independent Eyewear

What are independent brands? They are no giant corporations or chains. Therefore, they are not mainstream. And they are simply the best producers of eyewear. Above all, they care for great quality and designs. So, do your own research and have a look at the FAVR brands. This list is by no means definite. It’s just a current selection – our taste of the moment. We picked a mix of new sunglasses shapes and time-honored classics.

Eyewear from titanium, horn, acetate & more

Are you looking for premium eyewear brands? We can help you find it. Do you have a favorite material? We have you covered. Simply use our filters to select the best models from every material. You can even narrow down your results. And when it comes to material, we have it all. We feature frames from metal, titanium, horn, acetate, wood, carbon and even 3D-printed eyewear.


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