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The Best Wood Eyewear on FAVR

The best wood eyewear is for people who make a choice. Because they like natural materials. Or they want to stand out from the crowd. And that’s understandable, since the natural material with a soft, comfortable touch creates its own distinct look. It’s similar to eyewear made from horn or titanium. Wooden frames are fashionable because they are naturally thicker and bolder. Why? Because of the properties of wood. Add to that a sense of warmth that is hardly to be found in other materials. 3D-printed glasses are comfortable too – but in a different way.

Over the past few years, wood has captured the imagination of a growing number of eyewear designers and premium eyewear manufacturers.

In this article, we’re introducing the entire spectrum of wood in the eyewear universe, including how to best wear wooden glasses as well as the top premium brands for wood eyewear on the FAVR platform. Best of all, you can go ahead and test the standouts of our wooden eyewear roundup in our Virtual Try-On tool.


What are the advantages of wood eyewear frames?

Wood means warmth. It radiates a warm feeling onto the wearers face, softens facial features and compliments practically any skin tone. Similar to horn frames, a pair of wood spectacles is always unique due to the distinct grain and surface structures. So buying a pair of wood spectacles is an investment in a one-of-a-kind accessory!

It’s all about the surface patterns, color variations, and slight nuances of this sustainable natural material that creates a unique look. If individuality is what you’re looking for, then wood is the ‘natural’ answer.

Key advantages of high-end wood eyewear frames: lightness, robustness and aesthetics.

Some wearers have been hesitant to try wood frames. The reason is fear they may be less robust than titanium glasses or carbon frames. But rest assured: Wood can hold up to the test of time by virtue of being constructed from premium wood veneers. This means laminated wood sheets composed of several layers for added strength.

The construction technique makes wood frames uniquely robust and resilient. It also avoids a natural flaw of wood: The material tends to ‘work’ when exposed to different temperatures. So crafting a frame from single blocks of wood inevitably would lead to tears and fractures in the material. That’s why veneers are the way to go. It also adds a distinct aesthetic to the mix.

What kind of wood is used for wood framed glasses? 

In the manufacturing of wood frames, popular choices include birch, maple, cherry tree or walnut. Naturally, the choice of raw materials impacts the resulting color variations: Maple frames tend to be light brown. Cherry or walnut trees create a strong red-brown hue in wooden frames.

Overall, wood eyewear combines lots of positive factors into a sleek, sustainable package: They blend aesthetics and soft feel with manual craftsmanship and unique comfort of wear. What’s more, wood frames tend to be incredibly lightweight for their sizes. So they rest on the wearer’s face unobtrusively. They are at the opposite spectrum from 3D-printed glasses – similar but very different.


Why are wooden frames so popular among premium eyewear manufacturers?

When it comes to turning wood into eyewear, a combination of patience and expertise is paramount. After all, wood is a living material that can be hard to tame at times. Most premium brands aim to achieve a balance between traditional craftsmanship and high technology in order to offer relevant products.

In the mountain region of Tyrol, a phalanx of expert wood eyewear manufacturers has emerged to push the boundaries of the genre. Tyrol-based company Rolf Spectacles registered a patent for a unique lens-fitting process for wooden eyewear frames. This is achieved by a special thread that connects the lenses to the specifically machined openings in the wooden frame.

Although wood itself tends to be a rather inexpensive material, finished wooden frames tend to range in the upper price segment. This is due to the fact that the manufacturing process is rather hands-on and resource intensive. Then again, every single wooden frame is one-of-a-kind and the result of a sequence of meticulous manual steps.

Our advice: Wearers looking for that exclusive touch can aim for a two-tone frame crafted from two different materials. In combination of two natural materials (for instance two types of wood, wood/titanium or wood/stone), designers can unfold a wide spectrum of aesthetic nuances and contrasts.

Last but not least: Wooden frames are truly positive products as they are 100 percent sourced from natural materials. Look good and feel good as well.


The best manufacturers of  wooden eyewear

Only a select few premium eyewear brands have taken it upon themselves to transform the natural material from the world’s forests into stylish frames. We looked around to compile an exclusive selection of the coolest styles, available in our Virtual Try-On tool to see test live on your own face. Here’s a list of the most important manufacturers:

Looking for more wood frames from premium eyewear brands? Have a look right here.


Premium opticians with a solid selection of wood  eyewear

Virtual is fine, but hey, wood is all about nature! Want to try on wood frames at a quality optical store? Click here to see the leading opticians near you or in the city of your choice, replete with all premium brands in their selection.


Other high-quality materials

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Are you looking to see which frames suit you best? Our Style Assistant can help!

Eyewear can make a strong impact on how a person is received. That’s why eyewear should always be chosen with extreme care. Our FAVR Style Assistant helps you make quick and educated choices by assembling a selection of eyewear that match your particular individual style. We call this feature Match My Style and you can try it entirely free right here.


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