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The Best Titanium Frames of 2020

Titanium frames are made from premium materials. Above all, they have surely become a staple in today’s eyewear universe. Premium brands keep releasing more progressive titanium frames. This keeps the segment evolving. Additionally, the category continues to trend in 2020. We’ve created a roundup with a focus on the best titanium collections and premium brands. As a special add-on, we’re showcasing our 6 Top Titanium Frames of the current season. Further, you can try them on yourself in our Virtual Try-On tool!

What is titanium?

Titanium is a pure element. At the same time, it counts among the ten most common elements in the Earth’s crust. However, the light material occurs in nature almost exclusively in a chemical bond. More precisely, titanium occurs as part of minerals. As a result, the production of titanium is a complicated process.

Therefore, brands charge relatively high prices for titanium products: The shiny, white-metallic element costs about ten times more than steel. But most importantly, the material also offers value for its steep price. Therefore, titanium deserves being named after a race of Greek gods from antiquity. In the eyewear segment it has emerged as one of the most popular materials on the market.

Important benefits of titanium frames: Light, flexible and robust

Titanium offers unmatched strength and flexibility. For this reason, it supports the manufacturing of lightweight and delicate frames. They rest loftily on the wearer’s face and offer an unmatched level of comfort. This makes titanium frames prime candidates for all-day glasses. Titanium’s flexibility also makes it perfect for constructing lightweight temples.

Titanium is extremely resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Moreover, it is more resilient than steel. And it offers incredible longevity. Finally, it is entirely allergy-neutral, so it doesn’t causes skin reactions!

What is the difference between titanium and beta titanium?

Titanium frames can be finished with beta alloying. This increases both hardness and flexibility. A beta alloy from vanadium and chrome also heightens resistance to corrosion. For this reason, frames crafted from beta titanium can resist contact with saltwater and even acids.

Why are titanium frames popular among eyewear manufacturers?

Titanium is one of the strongest materials known to man. Meanwhile, it supports the design of extremely delicate frames. The material is especially suited for rimless frames and half-rimmed models. Titanium also enables full-framed glasses. With that said, titanium frames effortlessly blend upscale elegance with a fashion statement. Titanium frames from premium eyewear brands look amazing in colorways such as gold, silver, and black.

The best titanium frames

Most premium eyewear labels include frames crafted from titanium in their collections. You can check out some of them directly in our Virtual Try-On. The most significant manufacturers include:

The 6 Best Titanium Frames for 2020

Explore our selection of the 6 Top Titanium Frames for 2020: have a look and get inspired. You want to see if titanium fits your personal look? Simply use our style assistant feature which is called ‘Match My Style’.

Looking for more titanium frames from premium eyewear labels? Have look right here.

Premium opticians with a solid selection of titanium frames

Virtual is fine. But would you rather try on frames at a quality optical store? Click here to see the leading opticians near you. Additionally, you can select the city of your choice to find opticians offering premium brands.

Other high-quality materials

In conclusion, FAVR is not only limited to titanium eyewear. For instance, a wide range of other materials offer advantages in eyewear design and manufacturing. Find out more before deciding on the best material for your needs. Some more helpful stories include:

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Looking to see which frames suit you best? Our Style Assistant can help!

Glasses are more than just a visual aid. They make a strong impact on how a person is received. That’s why eyewear should always be chosen with extreme care. Our FAVR Style Assistant helps you make quick and educated choices. It creates a selection of eyewear that matches your individual style. We call this feature Match My Style and you can try it entirely free right here.



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